Created By: Rodger Cespedes  Version 5.1 / Updated (September 11, 2016)      
  MAIN MENU        
  Command Description      
  show aaa Show AAA values      
  show access-lists List access lists      
  show arp Arp table      
  show cdp CDP information      
  show clock Display the system clock      
  show controllers Interface controllers status      
  show crypto Encryption module      
  show debugging State of each debugging option      
  show dhcp Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol status      
  show dot11 IEEE 802.11 show information      
  show file Show filesystem information      
  show flash display information about flash: file system      
  show flow Flow information      
  show frame-relay Frame-Relay information      
  show history Display the session command history      
  show hosts IP domain-name, lookup style, nameservers, and host table    
  show interfaces Interface status and configuration      
  show ip IP information      
  show ipv6 IPv6 information      
  show license Show license information      
  show line TTY line information      
  show logging Show the contents of logging buffers      
  show login Display Secure Login Configurations and State      
  show mac-address-table MAC forwarding table      
  show ntp Network time protocol      
  show parser Show parser commands      
  show privilege Show current privilege level      
  show processes Active process statistics      
  show protocols Active network routing protocols      
  show queue Show queue contents      
  show queueing Show queueing configuration      
  show running-config Current operating configuration      
  show secure Show secure image and configuration archive      
  show sessions Information about Telnet connections      
  show snmp snmp statistics      
  show spanning-tree Spanning tree topology      
  show ssh Status of SSH server connections      
  show standby standby configuration      
  show startup-config Contents of startup configuration      
  show storm-control Show storm control configuration      
  show tcp Status of TCP connections      
  show tech-support Show system information for Tech-Support      
  show terminal Display terminal configuration parameters      
  show users Display information about terminal lines      
  show version System hardware and software status      
  show vlan-switch VTP VLAN status      
  show vtp Configure VLAN database      
  show ip ?        
  access-lists List access lists      
  arp IP ARP table      
  bgp BGP information      
  cache IP fast-switching route cache      
  cef Cisco Express Forwarding      
  dhcp Show items in the DHCP database      
  eigrp IP-EIGRP show commands      
  interface IP interface status and configuration      
  nat IP NAT information      
  nbar Network-Based Application Recognition      
  ospf OSPF information      
  protocols IP routing protocol process parameters and statistics      
  rip IP RIP show commands      
  route IP routing table      
  ssh Information on SSH      
  Show Switch IOS image Version        
  Show  running-config        
  Show serial interface status        
  Show Interface Description        
  Show interfaces gigabitEthernet 0/0      
  Show ethernet interface status        
  Show protocols        
  show ip route        
  Show ip route        
  Show ip protocols        
  Show ip route        
  show ip nat translations        
  show ip interface brief        
  Show ip ospf neighbor        
  Show ip interface brief        
  Show ip interface gigabitEthernet 0/0      
  Show spanning-tree         
  Show Routers Neigbhors CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol CDP)      
  show cdp neighbors (Cisco Discovery Protocol)      
  disable cdp (Cisco Discovery Protocol)      
  Show EIGRP Topology        
  show etherchannel summary        
  show etherchannel port-channel      
  show interfaces etherchannel        
  show interfaces FastEthernet 0/1      
  show standby        
  Show port-security interface fastethernet 0/19      
  Show port-security address        
  Show interfaces fastEthernet 0/18      
  Show mac-address-table