Basic Router Show Commands   Setup Spanning-Tree on Switch LACP and PagP        
Basic Switch Show Commands   Spanning Tree add Cost LACP   Save / Reload / Erase Save / Reload / Erase  
show ip route   Spanning Tree Primary Root Bridge PAgP   Save Settings Save Settings  
Show ethernet interface status   Spanning Tree Secondary Root Bridge Troubleshooting Etherchannel   Save  Configuration Option #1 Erase Settings  
Show serial interface status         Save  Configuration Option #2 Reload a Router  
Show Interface Description   VLANS RIP   Erase Settings Copy Running to Startup  
Show ip route to a destination   Create VLAN Configure RIP on Router   Reload a Switch Save running-config in the flash  
Show ip protocols   Configure single port to Switchport to a specific VLAN passive interface to fastEthernet   Copy Running to Startup Save on the flash  
Show Routers Neigbhors CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol CDP) Configure Trunk Default on port debug RIP   Save running-config in the flash Delete flash file  
Show EIGRP Topology   Configure Trunk Native on port Clear routing table   Save on the flash Save router configuration on TFTP Server
Show Switch IOS image Version   Router on Stick (Subinterfaces)     Delete flash file    
Show Running Configuration     OSPF     Add / Update  
show cdp neighbors (Cisco Discovery Protocol) NAT and PAT Configure OSPF on Router   Add / Update Add Hostname  
Show ip interface brief   Static NAT OSPF Add Cost   Add Hostname Add Description  
disable cdp (Cisco Discovery Protocol) Dynamic NAT passive interface to fastEthernet   Add Description Add Banner Message  
Show spanning-tree    PAT ADD Pool Clear OSPF Information or table   Add Banner Message Configure Clock  
show ip nat translations   verify NAT Clear routing table   Configure Clock    
      Adding Reference Bandwidth     Setup IP Address and Gateway  
    ACCESS-LISTS Redistribute Default Static Route OSPF Setup IP Address and Gateway Setup IP Address on Ethernet Interface
COMPUTER COMMANDS   CREATING ACCESS LIST     Setup IP Address on Ethernet Interface Setup IP Address on Serial Interface  
ping ip_address   ADDING ACCESS LIST TO PORT EIGRP   Setup IP Address on Serial Interface Summarize a Network  
Non Stop Ping (Computer)     Configure EIGRP on Router   Add Gateway to a switch    
Cancel Non Stop Ping (Computer   Virtual Router (Hot Standby Router Protocol) passive interface to fastEthernet     Change Transfer Speeds and Clockrates
On Computer ARP -A   HSRP Clear routing table   Others Change Transfer Speed to 9600  
    To verify HSRP State Redistribute Default Static Route EIGRP Cancel if stuck Command Change Transfer Speed to 115200  
REMOTE SETUPS   Configure HSRP on Routers     Remove look-up Add clockrate to router serial interface
Configure Password Remote Access Configure Preempt HSRP (The Router that has Preempt will continue to work once back Disable DNS Lookup Add Duplex to interface  
Enable SSH Version 2           Configure Bandwidth in a serial Port  
Configure Telnet on Router   DHCP          
Configure SSH on Router   DHCP ON ROUTER       IP Static Routes  
Accessing Remote Router SSH from PC CONFIGURE IP HELPER       IP Route via a Network  
Accessing Remote Router Telnet from PC Configure NTP Client on Router (Network Time Protocol)     IP Route via a Port (Recursive Static Route)
            Remove IP Route from Router  
IPV6   PASSWORDS          
Enable IPv6 Routing on Router   Create a Encrypted Password       Others  
OSPF IPV6   Remove Encrypted Password       Add Loopback only one ip to access the Router
EIGRP IPV6   Create password for switch / router     Prevent unwanted DNS lookups  
Add Cost IPV6   Create password for remote access using telnet switch/router     Configure Loopback on Router  
    Configure Password Console          
    Configure Password Privilege EXEC        
    Encrypt all the password